Professor Lars Norden recently participated in two International Conferences
Lars Norden, co-coordenarod do CBFR in Rio, recentemente participou do 12th Financial Intermediation Research Society Conference (FIRS), em Hong Kong em Junho de 2017. Ele discutiu o paper "Do Bank Bailouts Reduce or Increase Systemic Risk? The Effects of TARP on Financial System Stability" por Allen N. Berger, Raluca Roman, and John Sedunov. Link.
Ele também participou do Financial Management Association European Conference (FMA), que ocorreu em Lisboa in Junho de 2017. Ele apresentou seu paper "Informational Synergies in Consumer Credit" com Martin Thomas Hibbeln, Piet Usselmann and Marc Guertler e ele discutiu o paper "Got information? The efficiency of price discovery of quantitative corporate disclosures" por Dennis Y. Chung, Karel Hradzil, Jiri Novak, and Nattavut Suwanyangyuan. Link.
New Research Fellow

Professor Allen N. Berger, University of South Carolina, has joined the CBFR in Rio as Research Fellow.


Interview with Allen Berger (portuguese)

During his visit to Brazil, Allen N. Berger made comments about the global economics. Check the interview in portuguese below: